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  • You can publish any type of your advertisement at www.toletDhaka.com. You will get the full access of adverstise system. If you want to publish a featured advertise, contact with site administrator. According to diffrent cyber rules and our service policy there are few instructions/rules from us. Please try to follow the rules and regulations for better experience.


  • All of the content such as copyright, trademark, services and other property are trademark on ToletDhaka.com. If anyone want to use the content of ToletDhaka.com for there personal or other use then they need to grant permissionn by ToletDhaka.com


  • ToletDhaka.com has right to publish or not publish any post that are irrelevent or violate the terms and conditins of ToletDhaka.com. The users information are encrypted on database for better security


  • A short time cookie is used to reduce user harassment and for better security.

Email and phone number of users

  • Users are required to submit a valid email and phone number to post an advertisement. The phone number will verify by sms verification.